My Honor, Duty, Sacrifice Painting captures the full measure of Brandon’s spirit. He was born with a comedic sense of humor, a serving spirit and a hearty laugh. He dreamed of becoming a real ‘motorman’ and when he grew up, Brandon realized his childhood dream. He became a dedicated law enforcement officer — combining both his deep desire to help others and his love for motorcycles. His ‘brothers and sisters in blue’ described him as a “Cop’s Cop” and a real ‘stand up’ guy. He was proud to serve his community as a dedicated law enforcement officer. He performed traffic control and was a strong competitor in many motorcycle rodeo skills competitions across the country – making him well-known for his motorcycle expertise, but for Brandon, he was just “Makin’ It Do What It Do.” For us, our painting captures all these elements surrounding a photo of Brandon proudly sitting on his beloved motorcycle.

As devastating as it is to lose our son, remembrances such as the Honor, Duty, Sacrifice Painting reflect the true dedication of these fallen law enforcement officers, reminding us that they had a much ‘higher calling’ and were ‘chosen’ to work in an environment where most people would never dare to enter. Sacrificing many family events and working long hours with low pay in order to help their fellow citizen at the risk of losing their own lives.

Thank you once again for our painting and allowing us the opportunity to write this letter in honor of our son. Although we hope and pray no other families experience the sadness and devastation of losing a loved one, it is our hope you will continue to bless these families with your talent so that they will have a wonderful remembrance to display proudly in their home, such as we have.

Sincerely, Wendy L. Nielsen Wendy L. Nielsen Proud Mom of Deputy Brandon J. Nielsen

Officer Brandon Nielsen